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I’m just another piece of writing, stuck in the middle of thousands others…

word hug!
Writing loves me ❤


Do you love writing?

It may sound stupid, but I do. Just imagine knowing that someone on the other side of the world, is reading what you wrote. It would be like almost dying, and then living again – completly overwhelming. (unless you’re suicidal, and then that would be really bad ^_^).

 C.S. Lewis – “You can make anything by writing.”

It’s true, that’s why I took on NaPoWriMo , where you write one poem every day for a month. Here’s one of my favourite attempts;

Saturday April 9th

Infinite Days

They told me from the dawn of time that I could have forever,
teaching me the ways of Earth, they wished me luck in my endeavor.

I set out to this planet, to find the love you had disguised,
I searched and searched and never stopped, as you had advised.

You promised it would be there, right before my very eyes,
I shook my head and laughed, I could forgive your lies.

Even to this day I haven’t given up my quest,
I have to find you, prove my love, and show that I am blessed.

Some days I desperatly, ask for a clue,
but all I hear is your laugh, and a voice filled with rue;

“it’s in your very core…”

I still don’t understand,
does it mean something in another land?
I shall never know unless I carry on’
if I wait any longer it may just be gone.

I’ve asked the Africans,
I’ve asked the Indians,
I’ve asked the boy that cannot speak.

I’ve asked the English,
I’ve asked the Spannish,
I’ve asked the dying woman, liying in the street.

I think I may have asked, just about everyone,
and still I have no answer, what could it be? I ask anyone.

And as I sit here on the edge of existence,
with thoughts roaming the skies,
and eyes searching the prize,
I think to myself, do I have enough persistence?

I hear a faint chuckle;

“everyone had the answer.”

It hits me as I realise,
his clues were no lies,
loves cunning disguise,

was life.

I had spent infinite days seeking something I had from the beginning,
but that didn’t matter, because as I pulled him into an embrace, I was grinning.

what do you think? Willing to try out NaPoWriMo with me next year? Comment below! 🙂


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